Kanae Design Lab


インテリアショップabodeとのコラボ商品 / 1997

Deco-Boco Plateの食器も両面が盛る食物によって使い分けられる。

This series is tablewares combined with furniture. These furniture is have made of whiskey oak that is used for whiskey barrels. Whiskey oak stools keep whiskey aroma inside of those, and I felt that was a gift from the material. We have designed one unit for two persons, the users can add the unit according to the number they need. The table has a drawer which becomes a tray for storing the tablewares. This kind of idea what combines functions come from a Japanese traditional custom of storage. We used to have less furnitures, and shelves and cupboards were originally installed in rooms or the kitchen. When we need a table, we take it out from a storage or use a corner of rooms. Originally, our rooms were just quiet with “tatami”.

Products - 食器 / TableWare