Kanae Design Lab

Wall mounted Clock

株式会社タカタレムノス / 2003

磁器時計のシリーズAggressive clockはテントや橋梁デザインのひとつである幕面構造やサスペンション構造などをモチーフにして緊張感を表現。
Drop draw the existanceは昔どこかの軒下で雨宿りをした時に見た、ひさしからの水滴が地面に描く形がモチーフ。なだらかな凹凸が作る柔らかな陰影を楽しむ時計。

Drop draw the existance -雫はその存在を描く-

Aggressive clock -攻撃的な時計-

“The Aggressive Clock” expresses tensions inspired by a canvas structure and a suspension structure. The “Drops draw the existence expresses” the smoothly melted concave. The motif is one of my experience. One day, I have got a shower and took cover under eaves. At that time, I saw water drops have made a natural soft holes on the ground. I have aimed to express soft shadow and shade made by concaves.

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