Kanae Design Lab

Snow Light



This is a chandelier made of Japanese papers. The Oribe project team introduced a Japanese paper lighting company in Gifu prefecture to us to collaborate with. They have already produced the lightings made of only the existing papers so I proposed to design from a new paper. Then, we have created a new paper which has a pattern like fireworks. When we discussed what kind of lighting we produce, I realized there was no paper lighting like a chandelier in the market. So we decided to design a paper chandelier. Japanese papers have very soft texture and shaggy edge if they are made by hands, and they give natural and warm impression for people. In addition, they are very tough, that means they have long life. I have aimed to give gradient effect with several layers. The stronger light comes from the holes of the surface patterns and the soft light comes through the layers. The effect will give “luxury” light in rooms.

Products - 照明器具 / Lighting Design