Kanae Design Lab

BITOWA classic

team BITOWA / 2005

「ホテルライクな少し上質な生活の提案」をテーマに、漆独特のやわらかな質感の良さを伝えるために、もっともスタンダードな漆黒の黒、透き通った赤(BITOWA Red)を用いた。


The theme is “a proposal for creating a little luxury life with real lacquer wares”. We would like customers to know what the Urushi is and feel their warmth. Lacquer wares have smooth surface and graceful gloss naturally. Aizu is famous for its original technique, “Hananuri” which enhances excellence of materials.  
The design theme is the “Japanese Baroque” that we have named. We have aimed to combine both the Japanese and the European sense, to find the best balance on the lacquer wares.

Products - インダストリアル・クラフト / Industrial Craft