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照明器具 / Lighting Design

The "Drapé" is the lighting as a first product to be launched from a newly set up the brand "Sasiiro" for the lighting equipment manufacture. We would like to catch up the beautiful pattern in nature, we have tried to get the good balance of both computational design and human feeling into the object. We have used the algorithmic design to create the surface pattern.
In the end, we have found when those have turned on the light, the light gradually melted in the dark towards the top. That inspiration came from the Japanese old author's novel which name is the "In praise of shadow" by"Junichiro Tanizaki". He had written about the rich darkness. The dark room with candle light made even more tasty the food. At the same time, we feel more relax in there. We would like to provide that space in modern rooms in the house to give people to spend psychologically rich time.

=Φ127mm , H=136mm / Weight=0.5Kg
M=Φ190mm , H=152mm / Weight=0.7Kg
L=Φ156mm , H=407mm / Weight=1.1Kg