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We are the design office which have focused on our everyday-life.
In Japanese tradition, there are "Hare" and "Ke"
what means Festivity and everyday-life.
We would like to create the joy of life for our ordinary life
which holds in the most of our life-time.

We call tools for helping our life is the "Kurasu-gu".
Which means "tools to live together with us"Now times flow to recognize the worth of sensitivity. Something which we can not meajor with 20ies centuries' scale could give us the emotional impact. People sense it unconsciously or consciously.
This "something" gives the huge influence when people decide whether purchase it.
We think the energy of the invisible part, so we add the artistic sensitivity approach on the developing process. On the other hand, the "sales" is one of the most important parts for the product developing process.

We would like to take a developing service in a sequence We are the one who designed those, we know how should those to promote very well.
We would like to design the most effective senario how those should be packaged and show to the public. We would like to control the image of the brand.
The designing is to realize the one's dream.
We are the design consultantancy which could draw
a beautiful dream to make people happy.

"Our view expands from design on the table to the surrounding."


tableware,electric equipments,package,furniture,interior design
design lecture,and graphic tools for both products & sales promotion

Work Flow

To interview like "a doctor"
To brainstorm with clients to reveal requirements.
To squeeze the best solution.
To offer some best solutions.


We would like to tell our work precisely for end-usersWe offer various plans suitable for your needs.
Strategic Design for you
Strategy and Plan
Project Direction
「How could I help you?
"We want to develop something new,
but we canʼt decide what should we do."
"We want you to design from planning."
To make a goal clear
To build a brand
To cast a specialist,
writer, photographer,
web designer and so on.
Design Impressive Product
Product Development
Market Research
Product Design
Advanced Design
Surface Design
(including decoration)
This step shows our product development.
Please feel free to ask us if you need only this step.
In addition, we build something for the future. ("Advanced Design")If you need, we offer the surface design.Then, we draw plans and make solid models.We extend ideas by sketching. ("Idea Development")we can offer original solutions.Although we make the market and user research on a small scale,We make the market research in our own way.

Idea Development
by sketching and modeling



3D Modeling

3D CG Rendering

Promote effectively
Sales Strategy Design
Naming, Logo Design
Packaging Design
Catalogue design
Promotion Goods Design
Web Design
Promotion Event Planning
Community Development
and Design
The market without the Makers can manufacture products, but it is difficult to launch in sales channel. So it is necessary to promote thoroughly.
We help to promote help to promote
our work with various way of way of design.
Event Planning
To Announce
to customers

To Market